SevTech: Ages Wiki

The second major wall that many people find in Age 1 is the Abyssalcraft statues that are needed in order to charge your Necronomicon. This is a fairly involved, and very dangerous, process that involves a terrifying mob known as the Shoggoth. Shoggoths are huge, have weird, disjointed hitboxes, 100HP, fire projectiles, break blocks (other than monolith stone) in their way, destroy graves (the grave destruction is a bug with the gravestone mod that is patched in 3.1.0), and hit like freight trains. More on them later.

There are two methods of acquiring an abyssalcraft statue, both of which are fairly demanding, and will be covered below.

1. The "traditional" (part of the original Abyssalcraft mod) way of acquiring a statue is a very dangerous (and frustrating) process, which is made significantly more difficult by the projectiles the shoggoths fire and the surrounding terrain. First, you must locate a Shoggoth Lair, which looks like a rectangular, green hole in the ground with a staircase down into a dark chamber. These lairs are supposed to be located in river, ocean, or swamp biomes, but their spawning behavior is buggy, so keep a sharp lookout. Once a lair has been located, gear up and get your food and SHIELD (it can block their projectiles completely) ready: the hard part is starting.

When you feel prepared to be able to tank or avoid damage, head into the depths of the shoggoth lair. Your goal is to lure 5-6 of the shoggoths out of the lair and onto dry land. Your shield will be extremely important here, or you will die from the projectiles almost immediately. If you somehow manage to lure 5-6 of them out of the lair, simply run away and let them walk around on the ground for a few minutes. Eventually, as long as there are enough of them, they will construct a pillar of monolith stone that will have a statue on top of it. At this point, you can either kill the shoggoths or let them despawn, then run back and get the statue (and mine out at least 11 monolith stone as well - you'll need it later.). Note that this entire process is extremely dangerous, and you should have a good shield (preferably bronze) and full armor (preferably bronze) - and don't be surprised if you die a few times.

2. A. The second way has two methods of completion. The first is to locate a shoggoth lair as discussed, and then trap the shoggoths in the lair in a way that allows you to kill them safely. Since they can break any block other than monolith stone, it generally works well to let some water flow in their lair (they swim too slowly to pass flowing water) and then mine out monolith stone until you have enough to block the entrance and give yourself a safe killing spot. There are many variations of this, but the key is to allow yourself to stay safe while killing enough shoggoths to acquire eight (8) shoggoth flesh. Once you have at least eight flesh, you can leave, and use the flesh to craft a statue as indicated by JEI.

2. B. The second, second method is a little lengthier, but arguably the safest way to get a statue. With this method, you simply have to locate a lair or two, then mine out at least 192 monolith stone. Once you have the monolith stone, you can craft the Farming for Blockheads Market, where 24 monolith stone can be traded in exchange for a single shoggoth flesh. Once you have traded for 8 shoggoth flesh, you can then make a statue as indicated by JEI.

Congratulations! You now have an abyssalcraft statue.